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    Trong bài ngày hôm nay các bạn hãy cùng English Amom học cách phát âm âm h câm trong tiếng Anh nhé!


    Các bạn học chi tiết phần lý thuyết quy tắc phát âm âm h câm trong tiếng Anh ở video trên.



    Bài tập 1: Khoanh tròn vào từ có phát âm là âm h câm trong những câu dưới đây.

    1. His name is Jack but he's not here. I’ll ask him to call you as soon as he gets back.

    A. His

    B. He

    C. Here

    D. Him 

    2. A: Hey, Who’s this? - B: Hmmm. This is her teacher, Miss Hana.

    A. Hey

    B. Hmmm

    C. Her

    D. Hana

    3. This is Ha's friend. Her name 's Lucy. You can’t miss her when you see her.

    A. Ha

    B. Her (Here name's Lucy.)

    C. Her (You can't miss her ...)

    D. Her (When you see her)


    Bài tập 2: Tìm và gạch chân những từ có phát âm là âm h câm trong đoạn văn dưới đây.


    Usain Bolt is a runner. In 2008, he won three gold medals at the Beijing Olympics and people called him the fastest man in the world. This is his story.

    Usain Bolt was born in Jamaica on August 21, 1986. He lived in a small town called Trelawny where his parents had a small food shop. He has a brother called Sadeeki and a sister called Sherine. When he was a child, Usain played cricket and football in the street with his brother and sister. He was very good at cricket and wanted to play for the West Indies.

    When Usain went to school, he started running. He was one of the best runners in the school. He still played cricket, but even his cricket coach wanted him to be an athlete. So Usain started to run in competitions. He won many races and when he was 15, he won a gold medal and two silver medals at the 2022 World Junior Championships in Kingston, Jamaica.

    Những từ có phát âm là âm h câm trong đoạn văn trên là: