• Tiếng anh cấp III
  • Lớp 12
  • Unit 4: The mass media
  • Lesson 8 (Bài tập): Writing
  • Lesson 8 (Bài tập): Writing

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    1) Match the words/phrases/symbols in column A with those in column B. 

    1. a small minority A. percentage
    2. proportion B. noted
    3. a majority of C. 25%
    4. a quarter of D. per cent
    5. less than a fifth E. more than 50%
    6. recorded F. 5%
    7. % G. 17%

    ĐÁP ÁN:

    1. F 2. A  3. E 4. C 5. G 6. B 7. D


    2) Complete the following sentences with the correct words/phrases/symbols in 1. 

    1. In 2014, .................... students or more than 50% used social media to exchange information about their school projects.

    2. The .................... of students using magazines was significantly lower at 5%.

    3. .................... of students, or 17%, borrowed print magazines.

    4. In 2014, only .................... , or 5%, borrowed magazines from the school library.

    5. Exactly 25% or .................... students were still relying on print materials.

    6. Print magazines and newspapers accounted for just 20 .................... of mass media use.

    ĐÁP ÁN:

    1. a majority of 2. proportion/percentage 3. Less than a fifth
    4. a small minority 5. a quarter of 6. %/percent


    3) Below is a pie chart showing the results of a school survey. Write a paragraph of 130-160 words describing the chart. 

    ĐÁP ÁN:

    The pie chart shows the preferred forms of mass media used by students to get information for their school projects recorded in a survey carried out at Hoa Binh Upper Secondary School in 2014.

    As we can see, in 2014, a majority of students, or more than 50%, used the Internet to get information for their school projects. A quarter of students, or 25%, used e-books. Less than a quarter of students, or 15.5%, used online magazines. The percentage of students using print newspapers was signed recently lower at 4.5%.

    In conclusion, the dominant form of mass media used by the students to get information for their school projects at Hoa Binh Upper Secondary School in 2014 was the Internet. Of all the others - the internet, e-books, print newspapers and online magazines - students used print newspapers the least.